Biography for Armando Perico

Briefly about me

Brazilian, 23 year old, single, interested of informatics and programming languages since before i get to university, i always have been interested on topics related with technology and entertainment, on 2007 (my second year at University of informatics) i developed a project called Funstation ( that now it became a real company. Funstation is the first digital kiosk that allow people to transfer digital contents in a easy and fast way directly from the Kiosk to their digital mobile devices.

About my study

Current bachelor student of Informatics at USI (Universita della Svizzara Italiana) - Lugano/Switzerland, Technical graduation on Production Audio-Visual at UNIP - Brazil (2006). Member of faculty team on Electrijada-2007 (Serbia) for Object Oriented Competition on C++. Teaching Assistant on 2007 for the faculty's course of Game Development using Agent Sheet.

My interests

For while all my interests are focused on developing new skills and technologies for the project that i begun at university on 2007 (Funstation). To be precise, i'm interested for a language that could solve almost every challenge we faced on this project on development time, it means, controlling bluetooth devices, low-level facilities, development of web applications with advanced graphics issues.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

Basically: LISP, Java, C/C++, PHP, HTML, SQL, XML, Agent Sheet, Algorithms

LISP -Simple games as course project

  • Space invades
  • Strategic conquest

C - Small library using "libgpod" to transfer contents to iPod and iPhone
C++ - Elektrijada Competition of Object Oriented on 2008


  • Collaborative text editor (using javaspaces) for courses purposes
  • Simple Web Server for courses purposes
  • Funstation's transfer module 
    • Bluetooth range search
    • Bluetooth file transfer with percentage
    • File transfer to USB devices
    • File transfer to iPod and iPhone using c library cited above
    • Wrapper to USB devices mount/umount

  • Funstation's payment module - Web Application


  • websites development since 2005
  • Google Map API extension to create
  • RSS agregator 
  • Funstation monitoring//updating tool 

SQL - Almost all my projects so far used some kind of database
Agent Sheet - Simple educational games for courses purposes

My Smalltalk experiences so far

  • Web Application (Seaside) with facebook API to select friends and create events by using "Doodle-way".
  • Refactoring browser of visualworks and generate packages statistics based on lines of code, methods, instance variable and etc.
  • Database Persistance using GLORP and ActiveRecords.
  • Widgets, Decorations, Flow Control, Sessions

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

Right now i'm having course of Smalltalk on my 4th semester at the university, it is a very interesting course and of course the language itself, however, i'm interested on migrate all my Funstation's softwares to smalltalk.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

I still don't know if i really would stay with smalltalk, however, i'm trying to have as much experience with the language as i can in order to see if i could use it on my future projects, so far, YES! just because is simple, powerful and my professors are very positive with this language.

Updated: 3.4.2010