Accepted projects for GSoC

Here are the 6 accepted projects from list of all, sorted by voting results.

Cross-Platform Namespaces

Mentor: James Foster
Second mentor: Göran Krampe,
John O'Keefe
Level: Advanced
Accepted student: Germán Leiva
Invited students: Germán Leiva, Mikaël Smaha
Students interested: Germán Leiva(very), Mikaël Smaha(very), Flávio Cruz, Viktor Kerkez

Generate UML diagrams from Smalltalk code for Pharo

Mentor: Stéphane Ducasse
Second mentor: Geert Claes
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Carla Griggio
Invited students: Carla Griggio, Reinout Stevens
Students interested: Carla Griggio(very), Nilesh Maaheshwari, Mikaël Smaha, Reinout Stevens

Squeakland education project

Mentor: Randall Caton
Second mentor: Markus Gaelli
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Ricardo Moran
Invited students: Ricardo Moran
Students interested: Ricardo Moran(very), Nicolas Scarcella, Angelina Chekanova(lightly)

Progress Towards a Cross-Dialect Smalltalk FFI

Mentor: Eliot Miranda
Second mentor: John McIntosh
Level: Advanced
Accepted student: Dmitry Matveev
Invited students: Dmitry Matveev, Reinout Stevens
Students interested: Dmitry Matveev(very), Reinout Stevens(very)

Visualization of profiling information in Pharo and Squeak

Mentor: Alexandre Bergel
Second mentor:
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Mariano Coca
Invited students: Felipe Bañados, Mariano Coca
Students interested: Felipe Bañados(very), Mariano Coca(very)

FreeCAD/Cobalt: 3D CAD with Motion Simulation

Mentor: Aik-Siong Koh
Second mentor: Phua Khai Fong
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Tan Boon Keat
Invited students: Tan Boon Keat
Students interested: Tan Boon Keat(very), Farzan Pouranpir(no biography!!!)

Updated: 27.4.2010