Biography for Dmitry Matveev

Briefly about me

I'm 21 y.o. male student from Russia. 

About my study

I am a student of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University; specialization: IT and information security. I'm going to get the bachelor degree this summer

My interests

IT&CS related interests: software design, data analysis, neural networks

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

VoIP software sustainer since 2008: C, C++, embedded development, VxWorks

Currently I'm tightly studying Common Lisp. Also I have the basic knowledge of Prolog, Python, Scheme.

Some most notable projects I've finished for the last 5 years of studying:

  • Simple client-server chat system for Windows (C++, - City competition among schools '2005)
  • Simple distributed Monopoly game for Windows (C++, 2008)
  • Simple multiplayer fighting game (C++, CLI, 2008)
  • Simple neural network CAM application (C, GTK, Cairo, - course work, 2008)

My Smalltalk experiences so far


  • Simple Twitter-like online microblogging service prototype (Pharo, Seaside, GLORP, PostgreSQL, - course work, 2009) 

In progress:

  • I'm developing a simple CMS with Seaside and Magritte for educational purposes.
  • I'm writing a X Window System binding for GNU Smalltalk using cObject FFI (but this activity was deferred a bit, I am tight on schedule these days)

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

Smalltalk is unique language and environment. I really like it and I'm enjoying the development with the Squeak, Seaside, Magritte and GLORP.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the finished project?

Of course, yes.

Updated: 16.11.2010