Biography for Mark Pruneri

Briefly about me

I'm a curious italian guy interested in art and programming.

About my study

I'm a computer science bachelor student at the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

My interests

Linguistics, psychology, aesthetics/design, web development/technologies, web 2.0 mashups and artificial intelligence.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

Some interesting projects done:

Mostly Java. Designed and implemented, for a summer research internship at the university, a generic workflow plug-in for accessing a popular volunteer computing middleware (details on my webpage:

Ruby/Rails + Javascript. As a course project built a prototype tool for storing software architectural decisions build as a web application. Software architects can browse the knowledge, collaborate and make decisions. Focus on usability.

Java. At a course in university. Implemented the game "pacman" focusing on object-oriented programming.

Scheme. I had the chance to learn this functional programming language at my first programming course where I developed some games: a simple cellular automata (game of life) and snake.

Mostly C. Parts of a fuel gauge control software and firmware for testing electronic devices at a company in Italy.

My Smalltalk experiences so far

Few. Just started in a course at university. Extended the refactory browser of visualworks to show some code metrics. Retrieve and filter data from the facebook API as an example. Show the data as a web application using the framework Seaside. Object persistence with GLORP and ActiveRecord.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

It's a new world for me. Yet all to discover.

I find this programming language attractive.

Powerful, elegant and concise.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

Yes. To learn more about this exciting new world and, possibly, contribute to the smalltalk community.

Updated: 9.4.2010