Biography for Petr Spacek

Briefly about me

I'm a 23 years old student from Czech republic, my native language is surprisingly Czech, I'm also speaking English and I can read and little bit speak French, Deutsch a I also have basics of Russian.

About my study

Currently i'm studing last semester of computer science on Czech Technical University in Prague. My specialization is software engineering. Nowdays I'm working on my master thesis with topic SmallRuby.

My interests

My hobbies are long distance triathlon, software architectures and designs, listening music. In the domain of computers I am interested in virtual machines and compilers.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

During my study at the univercity I've used following languages: 

C#, C/C++, Java, Ruby, Php, XHTML, HTML, SQL, LaTeX.

I've made projects in a couple of these languages too:


  • System for workload register in middle company. Technology/framework used: .NET, SQL Server


  • Very simple HTML galleries browser with custom DOM. Technology/framework used: wxWidgets
  • Automated pictures thumbnail processing. Technology/framework used: MFC


  • Simple CMS. Technology/framework used: Php, jQuery, XHTML, SQL
  • System for road network planing support in Goverment sphere. Technology/framework used: Zend, DoJo, XHTML, SQL

My Smalltalk experiences so far

We learned about the core principles of Object Oriented programming in a course, this course used Smalltalk as it's base language to explain these principles.

As my bachelor thesis a have chosen topic Aspect methods generator for Smalltalk/X. During this work I have implemented inteligent generator for aspect methods (binding between Model and View in MVC) with custom generating strategy support.

Currently i am working on project SmallRuby, which is an implementation of Ruby programming language for Smalltalk/X virtual machine.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

I'm still factinated with dynamic languages possibilities and I'm also fan of OO principles so in Smalltalk I have found everything together. I like Smalltalk because it lets me focus on solution's architecture and don't bother me with technology details.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

Well, I'm thinking of continue in my studies abroad, I would like to study more on dynamic languages topic, so I'm looking for some Doctoral research program.

For example dynamic languages security in INRIA RMOD project looks very interesting.

Updated: 25.3.2010