Smalltalk application demo

Mentor: Stan Shepherd
Second mentor:
Level: Intermediate
Invited students:
Students interested: Ilona Kuzmickaja(very), Denis Filipič, Ankit Jain, Hashir Ali(lightly)

Smalltalk is enjoying a resurgence in its development, with a great deal of development going into building out its abilities to underpin a web framework.
Auctomatic was a recent startup built in Smalltalk, that received seed funding from Y-Combinator and was acquired by Live Current Media. People who build in Smalltalk know that it lends itself to fast development, and that web aplications can be upgraded on the fly, without the need to take down the server.

Technical Details

The goal of this project is to spread the use of Smalltalk to a wider audience. The scope is to produce a reference implementation of a Smalltalk stack, in the form of a working e-commerce site. The participants will select and integrate the preferred technologies, and build on existing
demonstration systems. The result will make it much easier for potential new Smalltalkers to evaluate the technology, by seeing a fully working example, and then to get started on their own application by downloading that same example as a working template.

Benefits to the Student

The student participant will gain experience of implementation of a real world Smalltalk project, and of the practicalities of e-commerce development. The student would be well positioned to participate in a startup using the technology stack.

Benefits to the Community

The Smalltalk community, and in particular the open source Smalltalk community, will benefit as follows: improved quality and documentation of the technology stack at its interfaces Availability of a one stop solution as the basis for new projects better ability to attract new participants and projects to Smalltalk.

Updated: 22.3.2010