Proposal by Armando Perico for Build a Pango based Text Editor

Proposed by Armando Perico (profile, biography) Don't forget to submit this proposal to official Google Melange site too!

How will I do that project
    The basic idea is to build a new TextEditor widget based on Cairo/Pango.
Suggested timeline and milestones
    - work on the rendering aspects of the widget. Programmatically place text in it, and have it render/layout properly.
    - Add ability to do different scripts/mixed scripts (i.e. mixing Russian text with English)
    - Evaluate how insane/hard it is to use the BIDI stuff that's in there for things like Arabic text, at this point we're all still just about display
    - Selecting text ranges. Ability to use mouse to correlate between cursor positions, and text locations, and vice versa
    -  Keyboard interaction, ability to drive range selection from arrow keys
    - Keyboard input/modification of existing text. easy part is putting the characters into the string, hard part is making it efficient, and relayout as you do it

Where I see the risks
    - Basically at begging when trying to integrate Cairo with Smalltalk, but it isn't suppose to have much problem here since the mentor and the Cairo community suppose to have enough support for it.

How the results will look like
    At the end of timeline we suppose to have a basic text editor widget with better features and a good start point to further extensions

Updated: 9.4.2010