FreeCAD/Cobalt: 3D CAD with Motion Simulation

Mentor: Aik-Siong Koh
Second mentor: Phua Khai Fong
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Tan Boon Keat
Invited students: Tan Boon Keat
Students interested: Tan Boon Keat(very), Farzan Pouranpir(no biography!!!)

To complete a 3D CAD or Modeling tool inside Cobalt for the creation and simulation of objects in virtual worlds.

Technical Details

FreeCAD/Cobalt aims to be a native CAD or Modeling tool to create physical objects inside Cobalt virtual worlds. It was started in GsoC 2008 with good progress made.
Simple shapes can be made and assembled into machines for simulation inside Cobalt.

The thing lacking now is the ability to create complex shapes with holes, extrusions and organic surfaces. This requires the ability to perform Boolean operations and manipulation of NURBS. The project will create the GUI to extrude and cut. Then it will also compute the resulting shapes after the operations. Upon completion, the project will make freeCAD/Cobalt a full fledged 3D CAD system inside Cobalt written in its native language Smalltalk.

Benefits to the Student

The student will learn how to build a CAD system inside a virtual reality environment and use the power of Smalltalk.

Benefits to the Community

FreeCAD/Cobalt can be the default authoring tool used by all users of Cobalt for the creation of virtual worlds and its contents. The code can be ported to Squeak, Pharo and other derivatives. A decent CAD system will be popular and can be a very good showcase for Smalltalk.

Updated: 6.4.2010