Newspeak/Smalltalk Import/Export Tool

Mentor: Gilad Bracha
Second mentor:
Level: Intermediate
Invited students: Ryan Macnak
Students interested: Ryan Macnak

Create tooling in the Newspeak IDE that facilitates conversion of code from Smalltalk to Newspeak (import) and from Newspeak to Smalltalk (export).

Technical Details

The tool will extend and integrate existing components in Newspeak, such as the Newspeak to Strongtalk compiler that essentially does source-to-source conversion to Smalltalk and spits out file out format for Strongtalk. It is easily adapted to other dialects. One can file in Squeak into the the system, and have tools that semi-automatically migrate  it in stages to Newspeak. These tools need to be made more robust, more sophisticated and better integrated. Adaptations to a number of different Smalltalk dialects beyond Squeak are desirable. Integration of tools such as Grease, Sport or Slime is a possibility.

Benefits to the Student

Students will gain experience with technologies such as parser combinators, advanced module systems, mirror based reflection and GUI programming in the context of a IDE as well as exposure to a variety of Smalltalk dialects and to Newspeak and its modularity structures.

Benefits to the Community

Increased sharing of software. Newspeak gains from the vast amount of available software in the Smalltalk community, and Smalltalk gains from some of the advances made in Newspeak.

Updated: 22.3.2010