Memory Manager for SqueakNOS

Mentor: Hernan Wilkinson
Second mentor: Carlos Ferro,
Gerardo Richarte
Level: Advanced
Invited students: Guido Chari, Javier Pimás
Students interested: Javier Pimás(very), Guido Chari, Flávio Cruz

The idea is to think about memory management schemes that fit into de SqueakNOS platform, idea and philosophy. Once studied the different ideas, the objective is to implement one. This would make for people from different areas to be able to understand, change, and adjust the memory management. The objective is to implement more than one, and a simple framework for benchmarking.

Technical Details

  • Implement a memory manager from and for SqueakNOS.
  • Study memory manager concepts and some implementations.
  • Benchmarking for choosing the best for each situation.

Benefits to the Student

  • Study memory manager concepts. 
  • Model low-level stuff concepts on a dynamic and pure object environment.
  • Compare different algorithms simple and export interesting data about them.

Benefits to the Community

  • The aim of the project is to have an operating system written almost purely in Smalltalk. That implies lot of things for the community. It would be easier to learn concepts, lo implement new concepts and to try them.
  • The image would be an open source tool for everyone where they can interact with the memory manager in a very simple way. Perhaps the algorith could be changed dinamically.
  • The framework for banhmarking make it very simple for anyone who would want to improve the memory manager.

Updated: 22.3.2010