Biography for Reinout Stevens

Briefly about me

I'm a 21 years old (male) student living in Brussels. My native language is Dutch, but I am also fluent in English and quite good in French.

About my study

I am in my first master computer sciences minor software engineering at the university of Brussels. I am in the board of the studentsgroup of computer scientists.

My interests

My hobbies are computer/board games and playing electric/classical guitar. In the domain of computers I am interested in language engineering/design, game AI and metaprogramming.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

I've started programming in Scheme in my first bachelor. In the 2nd bachelor we learned C++ and I learned Ruby by myself. For my 3rd bachelor thesis I've programmed in Common Lisp and did some projects in Java. Last summer I did a small project in Java.

Here is a more detailed list of the projects I did

  • Metro simulation in Scheme (1st bachelor)
  • Multithreaded server processing articles using HTTP as protocol in C++ (2nd bachelor)
  • Pacman in Scheme (2nd bachelor)
  • Online calendar in a group of 7 people in Java/Tomcat/MySQL (3rd bachelor)
  • DSL for FSM based Game AI in Common Lisp (with macros) (3rd bachelor)
  • Extending an interpretor for a small artificial language in C (3rd bachelor)
  • Flight scheduler in Prolog (1st master)
  • Compiler from TinyC to x86 in Common Lisp (1st master, still working on it)

I also did some projects on my own

  • Several websites in Ruby on Rails
  • Bindings to libproc in Common Lisp using a FFI, released under BSD licence ( )

My Smalltalk experiences so far

Last semester we had a course ( principles of object-oriented languages) in which we used Pharo. We also had to make a small project in Pharo. There are several people working on Pharo at the university, encouraging us to use Smalltalk.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

I like the clean code the language encourages. From the perspective of language engineering I think it has a great design, where you can easily trace bugs. In Pharo I've found several bugs in the editor myself (we used it during the beta-stages) just by inspecting the stack. When looking at other languages you can find ideas that inhabited from Smalltalk.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the finished project?

I am already contributing (whenever possible) to some opensource projects. If I have an enjoyable experience with this project I will continue to use Smalltalk for my own projects and contribute back to the Smalltalk community, just as I do now for other languages I use.

Updated: 24.3.2010