Biography for Tan Boon Keat

Name: Tan Boon Keat



Skype: tan.boon.keat (

IRC : Tan7188


Title: freeCAD/Cobalt : 3D CAD with Motion Simulation

Briefly About Me

My name is Tan Boon Keat. I am a 23 year old final year student, studying Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Telecommunication degree in Multimedia University ( Cyberjaya Campus ) of Malaysia. I came from a small family and my father is a secondary school teacher. Most important about me is, I have the will to learn and share and I know what am I doing all the time. Personally, I have been working on a project called Motion Simulation add-on for AutoCAD as my final year project for the time period of 6 months. The project is under the supervision of Dr Koh Aik Siong, which is also the mentor for this title freeCAD/Cobalt: 3D CAD with Motion Simulation. What makes me the most suitable candidate for this project is I have been making a very good development for Motion Simulation add-on for AutoCAD which is very similar to this title. I have a good contact and working relationship with Dr Koh for the past 6 months. We have been communicating using skype voice conferencing and email. I am available for the whole summer as I am graduating in May. I am so confident, that I can make a better progress during this summer. 

About My Study

I am a final year student, studying in Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication, getting my degree this year. 

My Interests

Programming is always my interest since i was 13 when i started some IRC scripting. I took a lot of programming  subjects although i am not majoring in computer science. Another interest of mine is CAD, started with hand drawing 15 years ago, later on i started to use AutoCAD when i was in secondary school. I like cooking as cooking has the hardest manageable variable, most complicated program flow and billions of objects, created by other chef that you might have to add into your cooking.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

  • Algorithm and Database
  • Object-oriented Programming in C++
  • Parallel Programming (Multi-threading)
  • Microprocessor
  • IRC scripting
  • AutoCAD .NET C#
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Assembly Language
  • Java
  • One of my work with Dr Koh

which is similar to freeCAD

What makes me better than others in taking this project

I program because i am interested in it and it is a hobby since 10 years ago. I have been working with Dr Koh from freeCAD in another project for 6 months and i shown a good result and progress. I have very good understanding and skills in programming. Most of all, i have the will to learn and do the things i wanted to do. Thing comes with Have, Need and Want. I have to do what i need to do, and it is not necessary for me to do what i have to do, but this is what i wanted to do.

My Smalltalk experience so Far

I have been working with Br Koh for the past 6 months in building a motion add on for AutoCAD, with a smalltalk based COM.

Why am i interested in Smalltalk?

To learn and share, sharing my knowledge and idea. My interest in Smalltalk started when i was involved in making add-on with the motion simulation CADSM written in Smalltalk. I am very confident to make progress in this project based on the previous results i made for my final year project with Dr Koh.

Will i stay with Smalltalk after the finished project?

It will be an honor for me to join and stay with Smalltalk if i am given a chance. 

Updated: 19.4.2010