Project countries

Name Mentor Sec.m. Student
1. Add functionality to Suixo Netherlands Netherlands, India, Russia, .
2. Brainstorming portal for better community decision process Slovenia India, India, India, Russia, .
3. Build a Pango based Text Editor USA Argentina, Brazil, India, .
4. Cairo support based on ROME France France, Russia, Slovenia, .
5. Concurrency Architectures in Smalltalk Germany Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Portugal, Serbia, .
6. Cross-Platform Namespaces USA Sweden, USA, Argentina, France, Portugal, Serbia, Argentina
7. Extensible but fast code and text editor Switzerland Switzerland, France, .
8. Extensible parsing and persistency for Pier Switzerland Switzerland, Romania, Romania, .
9. Fast binary format for objects and packages Ukraine France, France, France, .
10. Framework for building semantic networks Russia Russia, .
11. FreeCAD/Cobalt: 3D CAD with Motion Simulation USA Malaysia, Iran, Malaysia, Malaysia
12. Generate UML diagrams from Smalltalk code for Pharo France Malta, Argentina, Belgium, France, India, India, Argentina
13. GLORP & Magritte integration/refactoring Russia Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Russia, .
14. Google APIs Smalltalk wrapper Belgium Netherlands, Belgium, India, India, India, India, India, India, Italy, Palestine, Slovenia, .
15. HTTP messaging library Slovenia UK, Belgium, Belgium, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, .
16. Improving the Compiler Frameworks France Switzerland, France, India, India, Portugal, Romania, .
17. Memory Manager for SqueakNOS Argentina Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Portugal, .
18. Newspeak/Smalltalk Import/Export Tool USA USA, .
19. OpenCL support for Kedama USA Japan, US, .
20. OpenSSL Smalltalk wrapper USA USA, Argentina, India, India, Palestine, .
21. Packaging Squeak as a DLL USA Malaysia, India, .
22. Pharo/Squeak integration with git/mercurial Russia Sweden, Belgium, Canada, France, Russia, .
23. PharoNOS Argentina Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, .
24. Porting Monticello to Smalltalk/X Czech Republic Germany, Czech republic, .
25. Progress Towards a Cross-Dialect Smalltalk FFI USA Canada, Belgium, Russia, Russia
26. Refactored Hashed Collection Library USA USA, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, .
27. Seaside tools UK Austria, Brazil, Russia, .
28. SmallFinger - framework for accessing fingerprint devices Croatia Croatia, .
29. Smalltalk application demo Ireland India, India, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia, .
30. Smalltalk-to-Javascript IDE USA Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, .
31. Squeakland education project USA Switzerland, Argentina, Argentina, Russia, Argentina
32. Supporting the Coral a scripting syntax for Smalltalk France Brazil, Serbia, .
33. Swazoo web server/Grease improvements Italy France, UK, USA, .
34. Tutorial application for Suixo Netherlands Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovenia, .
35. Visualization of profiling information in Pharo and Squeak Chile Argentina, Chile, Argentina
36. Web application to create custom Smalltalk images and Virtual Machines USA India, Morocco, Russia, .