Brainstorming portal for better community decision process

Mentor: Janko Mivšek
Second mentor:
Level: Beginner
Invited students: Abhinav Jain, Dmitry Matveev
Students interested: Abhinav Jain(very), Srikanth Janardhan(very), Ankit Jain, Dmitry Matveev(lightly)

Create a web portal for brainstorming sessions/meetings to get ideas and answers to important questions in Smalltalk community. Portal should allow on-line to:

  1. brainstorm the ideas
  2. vote to get-out the best ideas
  3. seek consensus
  4. analyze - report

On-line session/meeting should look like a Skype session together with a brainstorming portal, from collecting ideas to a final decision proposal. Example of such session can be a Squeak Oversight Board meeting or planning session for a new Smalltalk project. Or some broader session in the community, like on a question how to organize better.

Some important concepts:

  • anonymity of idea proposers
  • associations: proposers see the ideas of anonymous others to facilitate an association for proposing an even better idea
  • seeking consensus to avoid 51/49% decisions but to come closer to 100% agreement on important ideas.

Technical details

  • a web application for gathering brainstormed ideas in real-time (using Ajax and Comet technology).
  • voting system with appropriate algorithms
  • analytics with on-line graphs and reports on paper/PDF
  • installation on a publicly available hosting server

Benefits to the Student

  • getting insight into group dynamics of Smalltalk community and in general
  • gaining knowledge of modern web technologies in Smalltalk and in general

Benefits to the Community

Better community decision process by getting the best ideas from the members while on the other side avoiding stalemates so frequent in Smalltalk community those days

Updated: 22.3.2010