Google APIs Smalltalk wrapper

Mentor: Francois Stephany
Second mentor: Ernest Micklei
Level: Beginner
Invited students: Ian Corne, Mark Pruneri
Students interested: Hashir Ali(very), Denis Filipič(very), Prateek Gupta(very), Ankit Jain(very), Anand Pandurangi(very), Mark Pruneri(very), Mohammed Bolbol, Ian Corne

Nowadays, more and more applications rely on external web services to provide functionalities that would be hard to implement from scratch. A major actor in this area is Google.

Many companies can benefit from those services: they bring a lot of value for a low cost.

Google provides many services that can be manipulated from any programming language (http://code.google.com/intl/en/more/). The main goal of this project is to bring them into the Smalltalk world.

The student will also study other web services providers (e.g., Bing for maps). The public smalltalk API should be (within a certain extent) provider agnostic: it should be possible to integrate different backends for a given functionality.

Benefits to the Student

  • Good project to learn Smalltalk
  • Discover the google web APIs
  • Learn to shape a consistent API using Smalltalk idioms.

Benefits to the Community

  • Easy Integration of google web services in smalltalk applications.
  • Help companies that use Smalltalk for their product to compete with other company using different technologies on this facet of software development.

Updated: 22.3.2010