SmallFinger - framework for accessing fingerprint devices

Mentor: Davorin Ruševljan
Second mentor:
Level: Beginner
Invited students: Domagoj Perisic
Students interested: Domagoj Perisic(very)

Mission is to make framework for accessing fingerprint devices from Pharo Smalltalk. Framework should provide generalized abstraction of fingerprint device, and interface to at least one particular device: Suprema fingerprint scanner.
Tasks that needs to be done:

  • General layout of framework with main abstractions
  • Interface to Suprema fingerprint scanner
  • Demo application, Personal OpenID server that uses fingerprint to verify local user      

In this project I am using Suprema Software Developing Kit that has scanner device with  legal licence for product.

Project should be able to do:

  • provide interface to the Suprema fingerprit device from Pharo Smalltalk
  • provide general framework how to interface to fingerprint devices from Smalltalk
  • run OpenID server locally, which verifies user with fingerprint

Benefits to the Student

  • Get to know Smalltalk development process
  • Learn how fingerprint devices generally work, and Suprema fingerprint scanner in detail
  • Learn how to use FFI to interface with external libraries from Pharo Smalltalk
  • Learn OpenID protocol in detail

Benefits to the Community

Framework will provide Pharo developers abilitity to use Suprema fingerprint device, and also framewrok in which interfaced for other finger scanning devices could be developed. The demo Personal OpenID server will provide possibility for computer users to host their own OpenID identity that is verified by fingerprint locally on their computer.

Updated: 8.4.2010