OpenSSL Smalltalk wrapper

Mentor: Donald MacQueen
Second mentor: Brian OConnell
Level: Intermediate
Invited students: Mohammed Bolbol, Sundeep Mishra
Students interested: Mohammed Bolbol(very), Sundeep Mishra(very), Nicolas Scarcella

OpenSSL (http://openssl.org/) is an open source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols that is written in C. Its major advantage is that it is free. Its disadvantage is that you have to write language specific interfaces to it.

Several of the major Smalltalk dialects support SSL to one degree or another. This project will focus on developing an ANSI compliant Smalltalk interface to OpenSSL.

Benefits to the Student

  • Good project to learn Smalltalk
  • Discover the SSL APIs

Benefits to the Community

  • Easy integration of SSL into Smalltalk applications.

Updated: 30.3.2010